MenaLabs Brands

MenaLabs operates Medical Laboratories across the UAE delivering
diagnostics services to private hospitals, medical centers and clinics. Our
operations are organized around two main hubs located in Abu Dhabi and
Dubai which are serving a network of satellite (aka spokes) laboratories.

Diagnostika is dedicated to wellness and personalized medicine providing
state of the art panels proposed by a selected portfolio of overseas
providers. We are offering premium services to provide our customers a
pleasant experience.

Genetika is our flagship genetic laboratory located in Dubai and scheduled
to open in the Q4 2017. It will provide unique molecular genetics testing capabilities serving the UAE and regional needs.

Scope of Services

We provide a large array of clinical diagnostics assays performed in the
UAE. In addition, we have established a partnership with Cerba Healthcare
from France that gives us access to a panel of more than 1,500 highly
specialized assays. We are actively preparing the transfer of selected
assays in our regional hubs of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Clinical Diagnostic Services (alphabetical)

Anatomical Cyto-pathology
Auto Immune Diseases
Cardiac Markers
Clinical Chemistry
Metabolic Diseases
Occupational Assessment
Molecular Diagnostics
Molecular Genetics
Plasma Proteins
Reproduction Biology
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Tumor Markers

Areas of Expertise

Anatomical Cytopathology

Our pathology department employs highly-skilled and trained technicians
equipped with the latest devices for sample preparation (including
macro-dissection), tissue staining, immuno-staining and CISH labeling.
In collaboration with the molecular genetics department, our pathologists
develop and perform every day the most recent tests to assess the
predictive response of patients with cancer to targeted therapies.

Cervix Cancer Screening

The department processes over 2,000 cervical samples per day using an
automated workflow for sample preparation, staining and pre-reading.
Automation achieves reproducible and constant quality for optimal results.
Cyto-technicians are focused on slides reading for detection of abnormal
cells. In case of the presence of ASC-US, the sample may be transferred to
our infectious diseases department for HPV screening.

Infectious Diseases

With the benefit of all departments under one roof, we offer an optimal
medical service through permanent dialog between our specialists.
Laboratoire Cerba introduces cutting-edge new tests and is able to react
very quickly to new infectious threats and to develop new tests in a very
short time. Full suite of tests for detection of Dengue Fever, Chikunguya,
West Nile and Zika Virus are now available


We offer tests for screening, diagnosis, therapeutic staging and follow-up of
hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. Genotyping of IL28B gene is also available for the
prediction of therapeutic response for patients with hepatitis C. This
molecular test is included in the HCV GenoFibroTest™. Additional tests, like
FibroTest™, ActiTest™, NashTest™, AshTest™ and FibroMax™ are provided
by Laboratoire Cerba.

Metabolic Diseases

Cerba assess metabolic diseases and help clinicians for specific
patient-management. This includes sequencing in molecular biology since
most of those diseases have a genetic origin. This group of diseases is
characterized by the accumulation of abnormal metabolites or normal
metabolites in pathological quantities such as: Porphyrins, very long-chain
fatty acids, amino acids, organic acids and Lysosomal enzymes

Clinical Toxicology, Drug of Abuse

Toxicology of exogenous substances is a wide-ranging field covering areas
such as therapeutic drug overdose, accidental carbon monoxide or
household cleaning product poisoning. Positive urinary narcotic screen
(cannabis, opiates, amphetamines and cocaine) must be confirmed by
physicochemical methods, the only ones considered specific. Cerba has
also developed assays for drugs including antiretroviral,
immunosuppressants, antibiotics and tranquilizers.

Occupational Risk Assesmenent

Occupational physician can assess the risk undergone by workers and to
evaluate the best strategy for getting the balance between safety and
feasibility. This includes highly specific testing like trace elements detection
and others. Cerba, therefore publishes a specific catalog dedicated to
occupational physicians, listing different substances and the adapted
conducts for health monitoring of exposed people.


Cerba’s allergy department runs 300,000 tests per year. The panel of tests
available ranges from screening to precise diagnostic tests: Screening: –
Total IgE assay, – Allergen mixtures: respiratory, dietary, pediatric.
Identification: – Individual allergens: serum IgE; over 600 allergens
available, – Basophil activation tests for drug-related allergies.
Immunotherapy follow-up: – Monitoring by specific IgG4 assay. Food
allergies: – Specific IgG.

Molecular Genetics

With over 50,000 specimens every year, the Genetics department is one of
the leaders in biological genetic diseases diagnosis in Europe. Since the
department’s creation in 1991, our technicians and cytogeneticists have
enriched their expertise and offers a wide panel of techniques that can be
applied to whole blood, amniotic fluid, chorionic villus, spontaneous
abortion products and fixed tissue samples. Molecular genetics technology
(FISH) offers all the probes necessary for precise diagnosis like CLL profile ,
Myeloma profile, AML profile, MPN profile, ALL profile, NHL profile, MDS
profile, centromeric and telomeric probes, Microdeletion syndromes.

Non-invasive Prenatal Diagnostic

Several genetic characteristics or diseases of the fetus can be assessed on
maternal blood with no need of an invasive sample collection like Fetal sex,
Kell group, Rhesus D, Achondroplasia. In addition, Down’s Syndrome’s risk
can be determined as soon as the first trimester of pregnancy on a sample
of maternal blood, thus avoiding a potentially iatrogenic invasive procedure
(like amniotic fluid collection) for women who are not at risk.


The oncology and hematology department combines all the disciplines
that contribute to the early diagnosis, prognosis and targeted therapy of
malignant blood and bone marrow diseases: Cytology and Immuno
phenotyping, Conventional cytogenetics, Molecular cytogenetics (FISH) ,
DNA Array, RNA Array. The mean turnaround time for karyotyping is 6 days,
with less than 1% culture failures.

Market Segments

We provide Laboratory Services to the healthcare community of each
market we serve. We are active through our medical laboratories in the
private and public sectors as the latest one is opening to Private, Public
Partnership (PPP). We are also collaborating with corporations in selected
economy sectors to support drug free working place programs and
occupational medicine. Lastly, we are establishing facilities to perform
veterinary laboratory testing with a special focus on horses and camels.

Private Laboratory Network

We operate Private Medical Laboratories across the UAE. We are using the
Hub and spoke model where satellite laboratories are feeding main
central platforms. We have created two platforms in the UAE based in
Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our Abu Dhabi site has obtained a score of 99
points out of 100 by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. A premiere in the
Emirate for a Private site.

Public Private Partnership

As part of the UAE governmental initiative to open the public sectors to
private companies we are operating the Diagnostics (Laboratory and
Imagery) activities of the Ajman Specialized Hospital on behalf of the
Minister of Presidential Affairs.

Corporate Services

We provide comprehensive laboratory services for Corporations
organizing and coordinating health prevention for their employees. Safety
and Security Sensitive Industries are already required to put in place
workplace drug free programs. These are either pre-employment,
systematic and/or random drug testing that must maintain
a tedious chain of custody. MenaLabs offer an innovative approach that
warranties samples integrity and reduce the need for complex and costly
chain of custody.

Veterinary Laboratories

We operate a laboratory located within the Sharjah Equine Hospital
allowing superior care for the horses, serving Sharjah and the surrounding
Emirates. We operate a laboratory located in Al Ain serving the Camel
Farms Community.


Medical Tourism

MenaLabs Medical Laboratories as a service provider for Diagnostics is
engaged in the United Arab Emirates vision to position the country as a
main hub for healthcare services for medical tourism.

We already partner with several hospitals and clinics involved in the
development of medical tourism packages and services. We are in the
process to be registered under the DXH initiative in Dubai and HAAD
initiative in Abu Dhabi.