A message from our CEO

Genetika is the new flagship of MenaLabs Medical Laboratories, A Division of Cerba Healthcare. It is the best illustration of our mission statement: Make available locally relevant specialty diagnostics tests to improve the healthcare outcome in the UAE and in the Region. Genetic disorders are known to be a severe health issue which are a direct consequence of co-sanguinity. Genetika aims at having an impact and contribute to the national and regional healthcare outcome by focusing our launch menu on infertility. Science has made step forward and today allow to select non-altered embryos before the IVF procedure is initiated, thus reducing the risk of abnormalities with the newborns. Moving forward we plan to extend testing as we explore blood disorders (thalassemia, sickle cell, hemophilia, factors deficiencies etc…) and cancer related disorders. None of this would be possible without a team having the expertise to deliver the best diagnostics information. Dr Karolina Kobus, the head of our department of Genetics combines the technical and scientifical skills acquired in the most prestigious institutions in Germany and a regional understanding of the needs acquired during her previous assignment in Oman ministry of health.

Bruno Heilmann
Chief Executive Officer
MenaLabs Management LLC