Unravelling the Human

Introduce highly advanced genetic services to support patients and their families in the UAE and
Middle East region.

Increase awareness about preventive and personalized healthcare solutions bycooperating with local
health authorities and insurance companies.

Offer effective know-how transfer through series of scientific symposiums, providing trainings to
local doctors and scientists

Our Expertise

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Our Support

  • We are continuously providing personalized genetic consultation forĀ challenging, unsolved cases that require specialized expertise in the genetic field.

  • Choosing the best strategies that can lead to better service and improved quality of diagnosis.

  • Selecting an optimal diagnostic strategy for the patients.


Your Security

The complete process of genomics operations, data analysis, and interpretationĀ is carried out in-house in our laboratory in Dubai. It is addressing local concerns about national data security of your patients. Therefore, we are part of MALAFI project, as only private Laboratory, having also partnership with DOH

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