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For Patients

  • Provides genetic counseling and psychological support for those with genetic disorders, birth defects or who may be at risk for a variety of inherited condition.

  • Provides education and awareness about disease prevention strategies
  • Select an optimal diagnostic tool for you and your family
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For Doctors

  • Help clinicians and healthcare providers diagnose rare disease, end diagnostic odysseys.

  • Reverse misdiagnoses through integration of the genetic testing in the clinical practise.
  • Support practicing preventative care.
  • Provide the clinical end-to-end expertise, infrastructure and scientific resources necessary to deploy genomic services.
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For Laboratories

  • Offer Genomics Data analysis, interpretation and reporting for laboratories with technical/wet-lab capabilities but no pipeline to perform analysis, clinical interpretation and provide comprehensive reporting

  • Re-analysis of genomic data where no diagnosis was able to be previously made or may have changed

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