Created in 2010 Diagnostika Medlabs has pioneered the promotion of personalized medicine diagnostic tools in
Dubai. Diagnostika Medlabs has been acquired by MenaLabs Medical Laboratories, late 2016. The initial laboratory
located in the Dubiotech Science Park has been transferred to MenaLabs Medical Laboratory HUB in Dubai. We have
decided to keep the Diagnostika brand as our flagship for personalized medicine diagnostic testing.


Diagnostika is dedicated to wellness and personalized medicine providing state-of-the-art panels proposed by
a selected portfolio of overseas providers. We are offering premium services to provide our customers
a pleasant experience. Our tagline is Healthy Indulgence.


Our Team is dedicated to the promotion, operation and customer satisfaction of the Diagnostika brand.

Diagnostika Team

Mr Moses Njaga

Mr Moses Njaga

Product Specialist UAE
Ms. Wajiha Zafar

Ms. Wajiha Zafar

Product Specialist UAE


We provide a set of services adapted to the need of the doctors and patients involved in personalized

Among those services:
Online Ordering and Payment
Home Delivery and Collection of Specimen Kits
Home Phlebotomy
Dedicated Personalized Medicine Web Interface
Dedicated Personalized Medicine Doctor App
Customized Patient Reports
Customized Institution/Corporate Report