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Medical Laboratory Dubai

  • MenaLabs Medical Laboratories-Dubai (former IBS)MenaLabs Medical Laboratory has a broad portfolio with more than 3500 different tests across multiple disease states and including around 1200 high specialty lag tests.MenaLabs focuses on the evolution of Biology into Clinical Biology. On the scientific level, this requires deep analytical investigations and comprehensive interpretations of results and diagnosis. On operational levels, it requires streamlined workflows, and enhanced quality program. On the Patient level, it requires personalized customer care.

    Visit our Corporate website to know more about values, goals, missions and strong expertise of our French Management Team, who as previously leading the first European network of private clinical laboratories as well as Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

  • Office address

    Office 103, Aghaadir Building,
    Al Kuwait Street, Al Raffa Dubai,
    UAE P.O. Box 32963

    Contact details

    Tel: (04) 386 99 97
    Fax: (04) 386 99 98

    Hours of Operation:

    Saturday to Thursday 9:00 to 21:00
    Friday Closed

    Emergency No:

    (052) 35 11 983

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