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Medical Laboratory Abu Dhabi

Sample Collection

Laboratory test results depend greatly on the collection and handling of the specimen submitted for analysis

Correct patient preparation and proper specimen collection, processing, storage and transportation are essential to obtain accurate results.

Specimen shall be either collected by MenaLabs:

  • For Walk-In and referred patients: in our laboratory’s collection room;
  • For homebound patients: in the comfort of their home.

Or by the Health Provider (Clinics, Hospitals, Other laboratories, physicians) in which case, MenaLabs:

  • MenaLabs supplies colour-coded vacutainer tubes, urine bottles, swabs, formalin (histopathology), specimen collection bags, and Requisition forms.
  • MenaLabs instructs health providers on how to properly collect and prepare specimens for transportation.
  • MenaLabs messengers collect samples from the health provider.
  • All specimens (blood, body fluids, cultures, cytology and surgical) must be accompanied with a completed MenaLabs Requestform indicating the patient’s name, date of birth, date and time of specimen collection, specimen source, submitting physician’s name and patient’s medical history.

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